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Coulson Cedar Products - Shingle Panels

Western Red Cedar Shingle Panels

Benefits of Coulson Engineered Cedar:

  • 100% Old Growth Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar
  • Installation 6 times faster than standard shingles
  • Single Course 8-foot panels
  • Available in 5.3” or 7⅛th exposure
  • Approved for interior and exterior applications
  • 3/8” Exterior grade plywood core
  • Extremely stable - does not shrink, twist, split or cup
  • Scribed guideline on Even butt panels assists for quick and easy arrangement of ensuing panels.
  • Shingles overlap a minimum of 1-1/2″ over previous panel.
  • 1/8″ glue bead under each row of shingles using construction grade moisture cure urethane.
  • All shingles face-stapled with  5/8″ stainless staples covered by succeeding shingle course.
  • 15 year warranty
  • Ships anywhere in North America

Product Details:

  • Single Course Shingle Panels
  • Straight or Staggered Butt
  • Open Keyway or Closed spacing
  • Vertical Grain
  • Flush-Mounted
  • ½ inch butt

Packaging:  140 panels – per lift

Warranty:  15 years

Flush Corners:

Flush-mounting corner units are manufactured of Western Red Cedar shingles,  stainless steel stapled and glued to 3/8 exterior plywood. They are manufactured and supplied in 2 different widths so, when alternated with each panel row the vertical corner line is eliminated.

Purchasing Info:  Please contact us. We would be happy to send you in the right direction!

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